Post Independent School District

A December To Remember

The Detention Center Campus had a very special December 2016 with the celebration of two December graduates and our biggest Christmas program to date.
For the first time in the history of our campus we had two students graduate in December.  I know to some this is not significant, but due to the high mobility and highly at risk status of our students, this was a very significant achievement.  As a matter of fact, this is the first time we have had two students complete all course requirements and state assessments requirements to enable them to graduate in any school year! We salute the two young men and the teachers who put in the extra hours to help them achieve their high school diplomas.  Students and staff put in the extra efforts to help the two young men achieve their graduation goal. Ms. Birdwell, the young men and their families are eternally grateful to you for the many unselfish days and long hours of tutoring after school; they would not have made it without you. Mrs. Salas, your creative genius and tireless energy in creating and setting up the graduation stage provided a graduation platform, second to none. 
Our Christmas program, "Let It Snow," had a record setting 18 enthusiastic students performing. We even had students wishing to participate up to the very last minute. This year's program introduced our first song performed in Spanish. We also had our first dance performance, called the Nutcracker Dub-Step, which was a huge hit. The program had an accomplished student guitarist to augment his group's performance. To keep up with the times we also had a rap performance of "It's Called Christmas With a Capital C." As usual, our performers had a magnificent background set, designed and created by Mrs. Salas, reflecting the "Let It Snow" theme.  
We were very honored to highlight the achievement of our two graduates with an unique graduation ceremony. We were also proud and enjoyed letting our students showcase their talents in our Christmas program. We are equally proud of the Post ISD and Garza County dignitaries, Cornerstone staff, the Epiphany group, family and friends, community members, and all other stakeholders who took time out of their day to join in the celebration of our students. Coach Jenkins, your homemade cookies were delicious and a big hit. A special thanks goes out to Lisa and Chris, from the Epiphany group, who provided the professional sound system that has accentuated our programs the past three years. We are also appreciative of Hudman Greenhouse for the plants that added the air of dignity and prestige to our graduation ceremony. Last but not least a special thanks goes out to my staff for making graduation and the Christmas program special for our students and visitors.