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Disease Mitigation Plan

Posted Date: 07/20/2020

Disease Mitigation Guidelines for                                         

Parents and Students


                                                Protocols for Screening and Isolation  



All students and staff will be screened for COVID- 19 symptoms regularly and individuals who present with symptoms will be isolated and sent home.

Screening Protocols

  • Staff will be required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to reporting to work.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to screen their students for COVID- 19 symptoms each day prior to sending their student to school.
  • Teachers will monitor the students and refer to the nurse if symptoms are present.
  • Teacher and student temperatures will be taken every day when entering the building.  School Nurse and Campus Administrators will screen at the campuses and the Athletic Trainer will screen at the athletic facilities.


Isolation Protocols

Student or Staff Displaying COVID Symptoms

  • When a student is sick or feeling bad, the school nurse will provide a clinical assessment to determine if and when the student needs to be sent home.  The campus will designate a place to isolate the student until the parent can pick the student up.
  • Students who are ill will be separated from the other students and must be picked up as soon as possible.
  • Once the student has been removed, we will relocate the other students and the classroom will be disinfected.
  • Communication will be provided to the parents of the students who came        in contact with a COVID- 19 positive student or staff member.
  • Staff members displaying COVID- 19 symptoms will follow district protocols including isolation from students and other staff members.
  • Students and staff who have tested positive for COVID- 19 will be required to submit a letter of good health from a physician prior to returning to school.

Protocols for Face Coverings 

The use of face coverings will be determined by the rate of community transmission of COVID- 19.  We will have mask available daily for students and staff, but we will only require them be worn if it is mandated by the governor or local officials. 


Building Signage 

Signage will be present throughout the buildings that will promote social distancing and the use of hand sanitizer.  Protocols have been established to keep students at safe distances when traveling in the buildings.


Protocols for Campus Visitors


Campuses will utilize virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors when possible.  All visitors who enter the building will be required to wear a face covering at all times.  The only area they will be allowed to enter will be the campus office.  This includes deliveries and any other authorized personnel needing access to school business. 

We are suspending visitors to the cafeteria until the threat of the COVID- 19 pandemic has ended.  We have arranged our schedule to allow for classes to eat together in separate dining rooms for their safety.

Visitors and staff will maintain physical distancing when attending ARD meetings and other student meetings when virtual meetings are not possible.

Protocols for Disinfecting and Hand Sanitizer  


Frequent disinfection and hand sanitizer will ensure health and wellness of students and staff.

Hand Washing/ Sanitizing Expectation

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer will be available at the main entrance to the campus, in all classrooms, in the cafeteria, athletic facilities and common areas throughout the campus.
  • Students and staff will be expected to regularly wash or sanitize their hands.
  • Staff is expected to remind students about the importance of using hand sanitizer and washing hands throughout the instructional day.
  • Hand sanitizer must be used when entering the classroom, after recesses, before lunch and any other time when the student has entered a new area or touched a common area in the classroom.

Disinfecting Expectations

  • Post ISD uses an approved disinfectant that is effective in killing the COVID- 19 virus.  We spray the disinfectant in a pump- up sprayer and let the chemical set wet for 10 minutes.   It does not have to be wiped off.
  • Janitorial staff will spray a disinfectant before school starts, at the lunch break and after school.
  • Teachers will have access to disinfectant and can spray high- touch and working surfaces when the students leave the class.
  • Staff will limit the use of shared supplies when possible.
  • Computers will be issued to every student.  We will not allow the sharing of computers because of the potential of transmission.        
  • All buses will be sprayed before the route and after the route daily.
  • Students will set in family groups on the bus.  Students not living in the same house hold will set in individual seats.    




Protocols for Campus Cleaning and Disinfecting


Frequent cleaning and disinfecting will promote a heathy learning and work environment for students and staff.

Daily Campus Cleaning

  • Each classroom and restroom will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • All high touch areas will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • Cleaning cloths will be changed for each classroom and common area to maximize room to room cleaning.   
  • The cafeteria will be disinfected between lunch periods.


Additional Cleaning Measures for COVID-19 Positive Cases on Campus

  • If a classroom or facility is closed due to COVID- 19 spread, quaternary disinfectant, which is recommended for use on the virus that causes COVID- 19, will be used to defog and disinfect.
  •  Custodial staff will defog and disinfect classrooms, restrooms, athletic   facilities and all additional areas in the district.

Additional Measures for Disease Mitigation


Additional measures will be taken on campuses to help mitigate the spread of COVID- 19.

Additional Campus Measures

  • Desk and tables will be socially distanced as much as instructional possible.
  • When possible, communal supplies will be eliminated.  Shared supplies should be sanitized between use.
  • Multiple locations of hand sanitizer, tissues, and trash cans will be available in several locations throughout classrooms and common areas to limit student and staff movement.
  • Each classroom door will be propped open between passing periods for a no touch entry.  Teachers will open and close all doors.
  • High touch areas will be disinfected regularly.
  • Middle School and High School students will not be assigned lockers.  Students will need to carry needed supplies and materials with them.
  • Elementary students will be able to use the classroom lockers since they are in the classroom.
  • Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school for their personal use.  Water will be provided by the school.
  • Students that participate in face to face instruction will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities and attend events. 
  • Students participating in the cosmetology classes in Slaton must attend face to face instruction.   

These are guidelines that we will be following during this school year.  They do not cover every situation that will arise.  We will continue to modify the guidelines as to meet our instructional needs and the needs of the students and the staff.  Our main goal is to provide our students with the best education that we can during these times.  Our teachers will be very busy this year teaching from a variety of different formats.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we proceed through this school year.